Text to speech application provides facility to convert your text document to wav audio file format in very simple steps. It is latest generation tool which make your entire text document to speak. Text to voice convert tool proficiently read all text file such as Word, Excel, PDF file, clipboard text data, plain text, E-mail etc.

Text to speech creator software generates audio files form text file and you can play them using any media player. Application record text content into wav audio format and save it for latter listening. Software can also readout your text document without saving to audio file just add your text content to software and hit speak button software will process the text document for listening.

Wav merger tool is very simple and user friendly application provides solution to merge or join several small wav formats files into single large wav file. Wave joiner tool combine two or more wav into single wav format file with same constraint and parameter. If you are using wave splitting tool and split wav format file from wrong place and deleted original files, you can use wav merger to join the files together and then use LP Ripper to split them from correct place.

Wave merger software supports to join mono / stereo, 8 bit / 16 bit WAVE file. WAV joining tool supports all input wav formats like different sample frequency, channels or bits per sample and merge without compressing sound quality. WAV combiner software has features like combining, joining, adding, merging, append, concatenate, organizing two or more wav files into single wav file.